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Our Team


Ms. Grace King-Royal


Hi.  I'm Grace King-Royal, owner of GCLC.  

I am ecstatic that you took time out to visit our site.  I have been in childcare for over 14 years but I have over 30 years of caring for children.  Nurturing and educating my babies brings me so much joy.  I teach 3-5 year old.

Hope you enjoy our page and please leave us comments and feedback.

Miss. Sheila King-Craig

Toddler Teacher

I am Miss. Sheila King-Craig.  I have over 20+ years in childcare. I have been with GCLC for a year. My day start and end with imparting knowledge, wisdom and plenty of love in to the lives of my 2-3 year old.   I enjoy teaching my little ones daily.  They are so full of energy and loves to help me teach.  We care and we share!

Ashley King

Miss. Ashley King

Teacher Assistant/Infants

Hello.  My name is Ashley King.  I have been with GCLC for 8 years.  It has been nothing short of amazing watching our little ones grow into some amazing children.  I enjoy every day because it brings new adventures, challenges and lots of fun.

Mrs. Dianne Turner

Miss. Keosha Moore

Teacher Assistants

We love taking care of our beautiful/handsome Angels.  It's so Awesome watching them grow and develop into their own little personalities.  They keep a smile on your face, especially when you come in the door, they run to you with open arms.  What joy!!  GCLC is known for loving and caring for the children.